20 Of The Worst Simpsons Episodes Ever

Homer vs Diginity

The title of this episode is enough to clue you in on how bad it is. Basically, this is one of the many plots they’ve recycled from other episodes. Herein Homer is so low on money he asks his boss, Mr. Burns, for a raise.

In The Name of The Grandfather

Some people will be surprised to see this episode make the list, but a lot of people agree. This show isn’t just full of Irish stereotypes that aren’t funny, but it’s also quite boring.

Lisa The Simpson

Most people don’t like Lisa-centric episodes anyway. They’re self-righteous soapboxes, but this episode is even worse. In it Lisa discovers that she’s right, yet again.

Little Big Girl

Unfortunately, the plot in this episode is quite lacking as it never goes too far. In fact, it’s actually quite ridiculous. Nevertheless, a lot of people still think it’s very funny.