10 Interesting Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Jellyfish

Jellyfish are amazing creatures that live within the depths of the sea. The animals that are generally referred to as Jellyfish belong to a group known as Cnidaria, which includes over 10,000 species. A lot of people haven’t even seen a Jellyfish in real life and are fascinated by the look and color of them. Did you know that some are able to glow in the dark? No? Well we hope you enjoy these weird and interesting facts about jellyfish!

Some Jellyfish Are Able To Glow In The Dark

Bioluminescence is the ability to produce light and is a common feature among many sea animals. Certain jellyfish have bioluminescent organs, which emit light. This light can help them in several ways such as attracting prey or defending themselves.

Jellyfish Can Clone Themselves

If a jellyfish were ever cut into two, the pieces of that jellyfish can regenerate and create two new organisms. Similar to that idea, if a jellyfish is injured, it can clone itself and potentially produce multiple offspring. Pretty cool huh?