20 Of The Worst Performances By Nicolas Cage

Vampire’s Kiss (1989)

Ah yes, the movie that inspired one of the greatest memes of all time! It’s easy to forget that it’s a black comedy, but in no instance has Cage managed to go against that with his self-indulgent overacting. Then again, it has a cult following to this day.

Drive Angry (2011)

2011 was potentially the year the Coppola Syndrome took over Cage. Drive Angry wasn’t as bad as his other movies in 2011, but you can clearly see that Cage isn’t even trying to get into character. Maybe he’s just cashing in on his brand and we can’t blame him for that!

Bangkok Dangerous (2008)

You’re in Bangkok, but that doesn’t mean the cinematography has to resemble a red light district. Other than that, the storyline is bleak, kind of racist in parts, and Cage is as godly as ever!

Dying Of The Light (2014)

You can see that Cage is visibly old and not caring about his acting in this one. Again, a movie with a good storyline about a veteran CIA agent taking on his arch nemesis, but Nicolas ruins it acting like he didn’t get paid for the role.