20 Of The Worst Fast Food Items Ever Sold

Frescata Sandwiches – Wendy’s

The Frescata sandwiches were introduced in 2006 in an attempt to compete with Subway, but Wendy’s didn’t account for the time it took to make the sandwiches. Unfortunately, it was a lot longer than a regular burger, so people didn’t order it.

Tuna – Subway

A tuna sandwich can be nice on occasion, but don’t get it from Subway. Apparently, the tuna fish used within these footlong subs once contained a label saying it did not contain dolphin or turtles, but that was removed in 2012. It’s unclear what it actually is now.

Chili – Wendy’s

According to fast food workers, the chili purchased at Wendy’s is made of old, dried, and even expired meat that has been scraped from the grill before being boiled and stuck into the chili. Hot water is mixed in if it doesn’t sell quick enough, too.

McSpaghetti – McDonald’s

People generally don’t think about McDonald’s when they’re in the mood for Italian food, specifically spaghetti. Unfortunately, the company decided to throw some noodles and crappy sauce in their signature boxes.