20 Of The Strangest Toys Kids In The 80’s Played With

Although many of the toys from the 80’s have made their way back into the world of pop culture in the millennium, it’s still fun to pay homage to their strangeness. It’s interesting to look back and see what children of the 80’s were playing with, and what they thought were cool. Some of these toys are strange or weird, some of them are just plain gross. Did you have any of these? If you’re lucky, you missed out on some of them.

Puppy Surprise

This toy also came in Kitty Surprise, and it’s a surprise all right. Want to teach your child about the birds and the bees with a disturbing toy? Here you go.


The Popples didn’t really resemble any type of actual animal, but hid within themselves kind of like a hedgehog. They even had their own cartoon.


The Wuzzles proved that if different species of animals could breed, it would be very strange. These cute critters, like Rhinokey and Bumblelion, also had their own cartoon show.


For the kid that likes things that look gross, you had madballs. Who would want to catch that?