20 Of The Smallest Houses In The World

Small House, Tokyo

Designers of this house took the challenge to build this house for a married couple and their new born child, on a small lot in Tokyo. The vision that the architect had for this house, was to exceed the physical narrowness of living in the city. The only major problem to this house is that you have to go up 4 floors, just to go to the bathroom.

The Matchbox, Washington DC

A lifestyle artist, photographer, and rogue bureaucrat, Jay Austin, decided to build a “harmonious home” and resulted with a 140-square-foot home, entirely carbon-neutral, off-grid, and is self-sustaining, that he calls “The Matchbox”.

The Keret House, Poland

The keret house, located in Warsaw, Poland, has been built to sit between 2 old buildings that represent different historical periods in Warsaw history. The houses widest point is just 122cm, with the narrowest point being 72 centimetres.

School Bus House

For a thesis project, a young architecture graduate student decided that he would rather build something that was real and had a practical impact, than something that was just drawn and imaginary. So he asked friends for help, and converted an old school bus, that he had bought off of craigslist, into a mobile home. The bus now has a kitchen, bathroom, sleeping area and the floor of the bus is now covered with wood that was salvaged from a gym.