10 Of The Most Common Eye Problems In The World

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The eyes are one of the most beautiful parts of the human body. Each person is capable of having a distinct color, shape, and features in their eyes, making most eyes quite unique. Unfortunately, the eye is susceptible to having numerous problems, some of which are simply annoying while others can be quite devastating. The eye is a highly sensitive organ, and problems do arise regularly. Aging, strain, or environmental issues are rather common for these issues. Here are ten of the most common, yet most annoying eye problems we can experience.


Shortsightedness is fairly common for most youths and teenagers across the world. They may have clear vision while looking at something up close, but distance causes problems and makes an object appear rather blurry.


Farsightedness, however, is the complete opposite of shortsightedness. Hypermetropia, the official name for it, is when you can see something far away without any issues. but something near to you is almost impossible to recognize.


Watery eyes have become a highly common problem for most people. Tearing is a normal eye function, but excessive tearing will require some medication to remove. Inflammation on the surface of the eye is the most common cause of tearing.

Dry Eyes

Even more annoying, and sometimes more painful than tearing, is dry eyes. The tear glands within the eye cannot produce enough tears or the tears produced are of low quality. Dryness, scratching, red eyes, and a burning sensation occur.


Conjunctivitis is usually known from the symptoms of pink eye, as the white part of the eye turns bloodshot and veined. This generally occurs when that area is inflamed. People suffering from this, espcially pink eye, can spread it quite easily.

Eyelid Issues

The eyelid is crucial when it comes to maintaining a healthy eye, as it protects the cornea and the rest of the organ from harmful problems. Unfortunately, eyelid issues have become common, but can be treated with cleaning, medication, or surgery.

Corneal Disease

The cornea is the outermost layer of the eye, and is prone to numerous diseases and medical issues. Corneal disease requires medical treatment, but a diseased or scarred cornea must be entirely placed with a brand new one.


Glaucoma is a common eye disease that causes optic nerve damage. The optic nerve is what carries an image from the retina to the brain for processing. Glaucoma is common in older individuals, and is recognized by the white areas in the eye.


Cataracts are another common eye problem of older individuals, and are the largest cause of going blind in the entire world. Cloudy eyes will develop and then visual loss comes next. The clouds prevent any light from entering the eye.


The eye doctor will almost always ask if you have been seeing floaters in your eyes. They are common in youths, and are deposits that are not completely visible to the person. There is currently not medication to solve this issue.