20 Of The Most Outrageously Shocking Body Piercings

The ability to be creative and artistic is a form of freedom for most people. Whether it’s in the form of painting, singing, dancing or playing an instrument, often times creative freedom offers some form of escape. However, there are quite a few people that take extreme measures when expressing their creativity, by piercing their body. The list below showcases some of the most outrageously shocking piercings ever put in the human body. Take a look at the artwork to see all the weird places people have pierced their bodies.

Face Hole

His tongue now has the ability to slither like a snake outside his cheek. Can you imagine watching him eat?


Instead of wearing corsets, now many women choose to get them laced with piercings on their hands, feet and back.

Nose Horn

Erykah Badu wanted to showcase her individuality apparently by getting a horn placed through her nose.

Love of Music

He must really have a love for music to have holes cut in his cheeks.