20 Of The Most Fashionable Pigs You’ve Ever Seen

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Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba might be on your best dressed list, but that’s because you’ve never seen these fashion savvy pigs. Step aside hollywood starlets because you can’t compete with these cute fashionistas. Whether it’s a cool cow boy costume, a fancy tutu for ballerina class or a smoking hot bikini for a day at the beach, whatever the occasion, these pigs are always on point. Take a look at this list and see for yourself! Here are 20 of the most fashionable pigs you’ve ever seen

Pretty In Pink

This fabulous pig never leaves home without a fancy pink dress and pearls.

Micky Mouse Jnr.

Who knows this could very well be Micky Mouse’s offspring, right?


Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest ballerina of them all?


This smart pig knows that you have to dress for success.

Piggy Mouse

This little pig is giving Minnie Mouse a run for her money.


All this hot stud needs is a helmet and a smile.


Hey there cowboy; I mean cow-pig or is it pig-boy?


This hot duo is definitely the most fashionable couple at this event.


This little fashionista might need a bigger closet.


Not everyone can pull off a itsy bitsy polka dot bikini, but this little pig can.


Trying to pull off horizontal stripes is a fashion risk, but this cute piggy knows how to do it the right way; Just add a pin bow!

Little Cowboy

This little pig might be the cutest cowboy we’ve ever seen.

Shades of Blue

Yes honey, blue is certainly your color.

Toy Story

Well, the background is evidence enough that this pig is a major fan of Toy Story


Someone’s been watching the Sci-if channel. That’s definitely a Sharknado inspired costume.

Winter Outfit

It might be winter but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be fashionable.

Beach Babe

We all wish we could look this good at the beach.

Triple Threat

Is it just me or does this look like an episode of ‘Sister Wives?


I’m a little confused by the choice of props, but this cute pig seems to be rocking this photoshoot nonetheless.


What’s cuter than a piglet wearing a onesie? Two little piglets wearing onesies, of course.