20 Of The Most Expensive And Craziest Celebrity Birthday Parties Ever

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If you think you have had some crazy birthday parties, you haven’t seen anything yet! Many of your favorite celebrities know how to party it up on their big day and many have known to pull out the most extreme things they can out of their hats to make their birthday the best one ever. Here are 20 of the craziest celebrity birthday parties you have ever heard of! You won’t be able to believe some of these!

Justin Bieber’s Clown Theme Birthday Party

Justin Beiber threw a clown themed birthday for himself for his 19th birthday and didn’t spare any expense on his special day. The singer ended up spending $20,000 for his 19th clown themed birthday party.

Oprah Winfrey and Bob Veloz Red Themed Birthday Party

It is no surprise that Oprah Winfrey and friend, Bob Veloz went all out for their joint birthday. For Oprah’s 60th birthday and Bob’s 80th birthday, the two friends used the color red for their birthday party. Other celebrities showed up in red gowns and red jewels to help Oprah and Bob celebrate their birthday. The party was so extravagant and had such tight security that even the resort employees weren’t allowed to walk through during the party. 200 of Oprah and Bob’s closest friends showed up for the joint birthday party.

Sir Philip Green’s Four Day Beach Party

Sir Philip Green is a multi-billionaire and made sure his 60th birthday party was one his guests wouldn’t ever forget. It lasted four days and cost $6 million to throw. He threw it on a beach where everyone could dance under fireworks until 6 am. All of the hottest celebrities were there. He even had a nightclub built on the cliff for his daughter’s 21st birthday which was just a few weeks after his.

Perez Hilton’s Carnival Themed Party

Perez Hilton became famous for writing about celebrities and gossiping about them on his website. He spared no expense to throw his 32nd birthday party and invited all of the hottest celebrities to come. Katy Perry entered the party on top of an elephant that was decked out in sequins and glitter. Since the theme of the party was a carnival, the bartenders had their faces painted like performers and acrobats performed for it. The dress code was Madonna themed and anyone who wasn’t dressed like Madonna was actually turned away. Sounds like one awesome birthday party!

Beyonce’s Moms 60th New Orleans Masquerade Themed Party

Beyonce went all out for her mom’s 60th birthday party by throwing her a New Orleans style masquerade party. The party was in New Orleans and the guests got to ride in horse drawn carriages. Once they arrived, a marching band greeted them with music. During the night of the party, there was a nine tier golden birthday cake for her mom and a live band. This all cost Beyonce over $100,000. Spare no expense for your mom!

Michelle Obama’s 50th Epic House Party

Michelle Obama went all out for her 50th birthday. Turning 50 is a big milestone for anyone and Michelle Obama didn’t hesitate to take advantage of living in the most important house in America. She invited every celebrity she knew including Stevie Wonder, John Legend, Beyonce and Jay-Z, and many more. Many of them sang for her too. She got to enjoy a serenade of “Single Ladies” by Beyonce herself. However, no one knew what else happened that night because the party was kept out of the media and even kept off of social media. The party was on the down-low so much that everyone had to leave their cell phones at the door and keep the details of it off social media.

Howard Stern’s 60th Celebrity Filled Birthday Bash

When you think of Howard Stern, you think of how raunchy and shocking he is. So, it is no surprise that he threw a huge party for his 60th. The party was actually broadcast on Sirius FM and he had all the hottest celebrities there including Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, David Letterman, and many more. A comedy roast was performed by Lena Dunham, Sarah Silverman sang a song with some of the Dixie Chicks, as well as all of the other hot guests that showed up. Jewel also sang him a song that he wrote in the 6th grade called, Silver Nickels and Golden Dimes. It must have been a really fun way to turn 60!

Miley Cyrus’s 21st Wild Birthday Party

Miley Cyrus just had to make this list because of how awesomely crazy the singer is. Not only did a bunch of A-list celebrities show up including Kesha, Emma Roberts, and many more but she also had a birthday cake in the shape of her naked body with marijuana leaves covering her private areas. What a way to celebrate turning 21!

Florence Welch’s Wild Hotel Birthday Party

Florence Welch partied so hard for her birthday that she woke up with a bucket of water beside her and black stuff on the walls. She also ended up chipping a tooth, taking a bath with her clothes on, and setting her hotel room on fire. She also paid for all of her guests to drink dirty martinis and she said everything cost her so much money that she won’t tell anyone how much she paid for everything. Sounds like a real wild time!

Kate Moss’s 40th Glastonbury Themed Birthday Party

Kate Moss went all out for her 40th birthday and it lasted for four long and fun days for her and her guests. Included at the party were fire breathers, rave tents, psychics, and four different bands that represented each decade of her life. This birthday was nothing compared to her 30th. During that birthday party, Kate had a wild time when she had two mansions that were connected by a courtyard to house her guests for the party. After leaving the party in the mansions, they went back to her hotel suite and partied some more.

Rihanna’s Aspen Colorado Birthday Party

Rihanna sure went all out for her birthday party. She rented a house in Aspen, Colorado. She ended up having a private bowling alley for her and her guests to have fun with bowling and then went tubing in the snow. Sounds like a lot of fun!

Katy Perry’s Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Themed Birthday Party

Katy Perry sure knows how to throw a fun party. She went all out and threw a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed birthday party where everything from the place the party was held to the cake was candy themed.

Dennis Rodman’s Go-Go Dancer 50th Wild Birthday Bash

Dennis Rodman partied along with his friends in Las Vegas for his 50th birthday party. He started out eating Black Angus filet, New York strip steak, and a crazy sweet sundae from the Sugar Factory. He then tore Vegas up while he and his friends danced with Go-Go dancers all night long and drank Grey Goose. This wild birthday party doubled as a launch for his cigar line.

Risk Ross’s $1 Million 35th Birthday Party

Who spends $1 million on a birthday party? Celebrities do and Rick Ross just tossed $1 million out for his 35th like it was nothing to him. Ross and his friends partied at the King of Diamonds strip club located in Miami. Once the money was spent, he then called a Brink truck to bring more money to spend.

Sean “Diddy” Combs $3 Nillion 40th Birthday Bash

Sean “Diddy” Combs didn’t spare any expense for his 40th birthday. He spent $3 million to throw his 40th birthday party at the Plaza Hotel in New York.

Paris Hilton’s Five Party Extravaganza

Paris Hilton sure knows how to party. She threw 5 different birthday parties for her 21st at London, New York, Tokyo, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. She sure topped Kate Moss’s four-day birthday party!

Hugh Hefner’s 80th Playboy Bunny Birthday Party

When Hugh Hefner turned 80, he threw a Casablanca themed bash. It was complete with every playboy bunny there to wish him a happy birthday.

Kylie Jenner’s 16th Alice In Wonderland Birthday Party

Kylie Jenner threw herself and her friends an awesome Alice in Wonderland themed party for her 16th birthday. Her guests included Willow, Jaden Smith, and more.

Simon Cowell’s $1.6 Million 50th Birthday Party

Simon Cowell went all out for his 50th birthday party and spent $1.6 million for it! The party included 400 of his A-list celebrity friends and they all arrived in limos. Simon Cowell also had a shark tank there and Rat Pack impersonators for the big 50.

Harry Styles’s 19th Wild Birthday Party

Harry Styles’s got wild and had a stripper come to his 19th birthday party. He even got a lap dance by the stripper who was only in her underwear. He had all his A-list celebrity friends there to party along with him too.