20 Of The Most Bizarre Shoes You’ve Ever Seen

For some of us shoes are just something to protect or feet or to make a fashion statement, but for others it is so much more. The creation of a shoe is an art-form that cannot always be explained, while many designers create footwear for the masses, others try to push the boundaries of fashion and create their own definition of what shoes should look like. Here are the top 20 most bizarre shoes you have ever seen.

Human Foot Shoes

Who wouldn’t want to cover their feet with shoes that look like feet, right?

Wire Shoes

Yes, you guessed it; these shoes are made from nothing but wire. It seems as if the designer of these shoes went backwards, shoes are meant to protect your feet.

Fish Shoes

Something smells fishy, oh my bad its just your shoes!

Elephant Dung Shoes

A UK designer created these 10 inch heels made from elephant dung. Now all you need are some nose-plugs!