10 Stunning Pictures Of Nature At Night

For a long time, we did not have the technology to be able to capture photographs at night. Even after this technology was developed, we could not attain the clarity that we needed. After nearly a hundred years of trial and error, we finally have the technology in hand to be able to take stunning night photographs. This is most important in the field of nature photography. We can see nature in all its splendor, showcasing a different version of itself at night, but we could never capture it in order to show the world these special moments. Now, armed with the best technology mankind has to offer, nature photographers scour the Earth at night and take some amazing night nature photographs. This list features 10 of the best of night nature photography.

Ben Leshchinsky

Anyone in their right mind would set up camp if they had they view of the night sky that was captured by Ben Leschinsky in this image.

Ajay Talwar

This jaw-dropping view of the horizon was captured by Ajay Talwar.