20 Of The Greatest Advertisements Of All Time

Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola, Mercedes. These are just a few companies that understand the power of great advertising. International corporations use branding to create an image that best represents them and advertising is the tool that delivers the message. More often than not however, the message is bland, tasteless and caters to the lowest common denominator. This happens because companies try to do the job of ad men or because sometimes the ad man just doesn’t care. Either way, the world has been privileged to a lot of idiocracy in bursts of 20 seconds.

There have been sparks of genius amongst the fiery nonsensical abyss of advertising. Having the capability to reach a million people and more is a remarkable accomplishment on its own. These ads managed to use the time and space which could have been wasted by mediocrity and turn it into a powerful message that relays the ideas of a brand while sometimes also speaking of a greater truth.

Johnnie Walker – Human (the android)

Alcohol brands have traditionally had to rely on innovative tangents to relate their product to an alternative and sometimes superior lifestyle. The ‘Human (the android)’ ad by Johnnie Walker nailed this direction with a classy ad that goes down as smooth as one of their fine blends.

Nike – Winner Stays

Nike has created some incredible ads over the years and at least one of them deserves a spot on this list. This one is light, fun, has a bunch of their best ambassadors including ‘The Hulk’ for some reason, making it simultaneously funny with a powerful message in the end – ‘Risk everything’.

Harley Davidson – Live By It

At this point, Harley Davidson is more brand than bike, and for good reason. For decades, it has been a literal vehicle to a free-spirited way of life and their ‘Live by it’ commercial manages to summarize this relationship best.

BMW – Land Speed

We see some of the best ads in the world being made for car manufacturers and two of them make this list. The first is a gem by BMW that tells you exactly how fast their cars can move without actually showing any of it.