20 Of The Funniest Yahoo Questions And Answers

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Wikipedia has become one of the biggest information resource pools in the world today. This behemoth internet encyclopedia came into existence only because the internet allows us to share and collect our collective information about the world. Yahoo answers is another important portal that allows people to collectively help one another solve problems and better understand our world. The only problem with this system is the only thing that keeps this system alive – People. Yahoo answers has received some mighty strange questions over the past few years and the active users on the internet did a great job at tackling these absurd questions. Here is a list of 20 hilarious questions and answers posted on Yahoo:

Coke Or Pepsi

This poor individual does not know the difference between Coca Cola and another similar sounding product that is ingested nasally. The answer to the question is just as hilarious as the question itself.

The Hunger Games Is Real

This person has clearly never heard of films or fiction. Messing with such people becomes just too easy after a point, doesn’t it?

Girl Troubles

This guy is describing a situation most guys have found themselves in at some point in their life. The answer provided however is the real winner in this situation.

Worst Question Of All Time

This person undoubtedly wins the award for worst question of all time on Yahoo. If being ignorant was a crime, this person would have a life sentence.

Where Does Milk Come From?

The question for the ages finally gets the answer it deserves!

Love Thy Pet

This dog owner seems to be infatuated with his pet which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. What happens though when the love becomes uncontrollable?

Losing Weight

You know what they say; ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer!


When someone says Meow, it could mean that you are being catty or you are looking good. Asking this question on Yahoo, though, means that you are looking for trouble.

Where The Pigeons Roam Free

This has got to be one of the most random questions of all time. Wondering about pigeons and caring enough to post a question on Yahoo does not speak well about a person.

Politically Incorrect

The internet allows anonymity to thrive which is why a lot of people let go of their filters while asking questions on Yahoo. This question is a perfect example of politically incorrect questions.

Alcohol Blues

Alcohol does a lot of strange things to people and one of its many side effects is feeling sad. Taking a problem this personal to the internet is not necessarily the best idea and the answer provided proves exactly why that is.

Ignorance Or Apathy?

This is a rather smart question that received an equally witty response. The question is clearly too deep to be discussed on a forum like Yahoo answers.

Hair Dye Troubleshooter

The internet is not fond of stupid questions and people love to jump on the first person to say something ignorant. This woman clearly has many questions about dying her hair but she is not going to find answers on Yahoo.

Gramatically Speaking

This person is clearly tired of seeing people repeat simple grammatical mistakes on the internet. The answer he received must have pushed him over the edge.

Fear Of Rejection

The first chance people get to pick at your fears, they will take it. Remember this the next time you ask for help on Yahoo.

Pot Or Boyfriend?

Every girl comes to a point in her life where she has to make a call regarding being around her boyfriend or smoking pot. Well not every girl, but this one did and the reactions were equally bizarre.

Jesus Incantation

I wonder how many people around the world must have gotten seriously offended after reading this question.

The Question With No Answers

This horrifying question was long and detailed but it was too absurd to receive an answer, even on Yahoo!

Ignorance Or Over-Confidence?

This man seems to be awfully sure about his own capabilities until someone answered on Yahoo and burst his bubble.

Keeping It Real

This is probably one of the most relevant discussions to have ever taken place on Yahoo Answers.