20 Of The Funniest Yahoo Questions And Answers

Wikipedia has become one of the biggest information resource pools in the world today. This behemoth internet encyclopedia came into existence only because the internet allows us to share and collect our collective information about the world. Yahoo answers is another important portal that allows people to collectively help one another solve problems and better understand our world. The only problem with this system is the only thing that keeps this system alive – People. Yahoo answers has received some mighty strange questions over the past few years and the active users on the internet did a great job at tackling these absurd questions. Here is a list of 20 hilarious questions and answers posted on Yahoo:

Coke Or Pepsi

This poor individual does not know the difference between Coca Cola and another similar sounding product that is ingested nasally. The answer to the question is just as hilarious as the question itself.

The Hunger Games Is Real

This person has clearly never heard of films or fiction. Messing with such people becomes just too easy after a point, doesn’t it?

Girl Troubles

This guy is describing a situation most guys have found themselves in at some point in their life. The answer provided however is the real winner in this situation.

Worst Question Of All Time

This person undoubtedly wins the award for worst question of all time on Yahoo. If being ignorant was a crime, this person would have a life sentence.