20 Of The Dumbest Song Lyrics Of All Time

Anaconda – Nicki Minaj

‘Yeah, he love this fat ass

Yeah! This one is for my b*tches with a fat ass in the f**king club

I said, “Where my fat ass big b*tches in the club?’

And coming from U.S.A.’s ultimate female clown artist, Nicki Minaj, nothing can get stupider than her song lyrics. We thought her ‘Stupid Hoe’ was stupid and useless, but she tops herself with this new single entitled ‘Anaconda’, talking about her fat ass.

Bootylicious – Destiny’s Child

‘Cause my body’s too bootylicious for ya babe

My vibe’s too vibelicious for you babe’

Earth to Beyonce, adding ‘licious’ to any word does not make it an adjective. That’s just stupidlicious.

The Way I Are – Timbaland

‘Can you handle me the way am are?’

The lyrics of the song completely boggles us. Even the title is grammatically incorrect. Maybe they should get someone who actually stayed in school to write their lyrics.

Sexy and I Know It – LMFAO

‘Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah

Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah, yeah’

Uhmmmm… Very deep and meaningful lyrics brought to you by Red Foo and Sky Blu.