20 Mugshots That Will Give You Nightmares For Years

In the early 1900’s, mugshots of criminals look wicked and devious, dressed in a smart suit and often mobsters working for big bosses. They are the type of guys you don’t want to mess with. These days, lawbreakers far from that picture — they look deranged, weird and even a bit loony. These are the scariest compilation of mugshots that will give you nightmares for years. These photos are probably enough to keep you away from engaging in criminal behavior — or else you might share a prison cell with these guys!

I Came With Half My Head Gone

This mugshot went viral on the internet and was even accused for being a work of Photoshop. It’s amazing that the guy was able to survive with a flattened head after a car accident while under the influence of drugs. He had half of his head gone, but still managed to miraculously survive.

Odd Glasses

This man looks odd–he looks like an obese, 50-something middle aged man, but he also has the dorky taped-up glasses like a high school nerd.

Dirty Grey Dreads

This man doesn’t even have the strength to raise his head for a picture. His dreads look like they’ve never been washed.

Hey Blue!

Just a guess, the guy’s favorite color is probably blue.