10 Horrifying Things Found Living Inside A Human Body

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We’ve all heard weird things that doctors found inside patients who came into their offices complaining about weird aches and pains. Sometimes a nail has gone up the nose, or something went into the butt that was never meant to be in the body. The really and truly shocking tales are the ones told by doctors who not only found something that didn’t belong inside the human body, but that was still living when it was found. Check out this list of 10 horrifying things found living inside a human body and tell us if you were able to read through the list without wincing or even worse, gagging or shuddering.


Of all the things on this list, tapeworms being found alive inside the human body are the most popular. There are numerous stories of these creatures being found, with some being quite large.

A Fish In A Bladder

A very small fish once got into an Indian boy’s bladder by entering through his penis. The fish found refuge there when the boy was cleaning the tank. Not surprisingly the fish had to be surgically removed.

Eels In Intestines

When a Chinese man decided to stick an eel up his butt, some hilarity ensued. Inspired by a porn movie, the man jammed the fish up there and the eel fought back but eating through his colon, and eventually tearing through his large intestine. Doctors were able to remove the still alive creature though the man had to recover for quite a while.

Spider In The stomach

Australian Dylan Maxwell, returned home from his vacation in Bali,where he found a red trail from his navel all the way up to his chest. Thinking he’d been bitten by an insect, he went to the doctor to have it checked out. The doctors informed him that the red mark was actually the trail of a small tropical spider. The thing had burrowed itself inside of his body and survived for several days.

Pea Plant In A Man’s Lungs

Ronan Svedan from Massachusetts went to his doctor complaining of a cough that would not go away. Once they ran x-rays, the docs found there was an actual pea plant growing in one of his lungs. It appears he had eaten a germinated pea, it had survived consumption and lodged in his lung. The Jolly Green Giant has nothing on Ronan.

Worms In An Eye

In 2010, a man named John from Iowa was having blurry vision, and kept seeing dark spots. He didn’t know what was wrong, so he went to see an ophthalmologist. The man was told that he had a parasitic worm in his eye. As if this wasn’t gross enough, the worm was starting to eat his retina.

Botfly Larvae In An Eye

Take a look at that little bugger. You wouldn’t even want that thing sitting on your fingertip, let alone inside your eyeball. However, a five-year-old boy in Honduras had that experience and the thing even laid eggs. The larvae had to be surgically removed.

Cockroach In An Ear

A man from Australia, Hendrik Helmer, was having severe ear pain, and he actually thought a spider was stuck in his ear. Upon examination it was a one-inch cockroach. After unsuccessfully attempting to have the cockroach vacuumed out of his ear he had to go to the doctor and they used a pair of tweezers..

Squid Spermatophores In Someone’s Mouth

A woman in South Korea decided to have a nice meal of squid one evening, but soon after felt a strange sensation in her mouth. When doctors examined her, they found the spermatophores growing in her mouth. It turns out the squid she ate wasn’t entirely dead when she bit down and it managed to reproduce right before passing away.

Maggots In An Ear

One 92-year-old woman once found more than 57 maggots hanging out in her ear. Doctors say a fly must have gotten in her canal and laid the eggs and the insects were in that ear for at least a few days before they were found.