20 Misspelled Tattoo Fails You Can Laugh At

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After marriage and children, tattoos are probably the biggest commitment a person can make in their life. Sure, there’s divorce, and children eventually move away; but in order to get rid of a tattoo, you can to get an excruciating laser procedure done that takes ink out from under your skin. There can’t be much worse than that. What becomes a real tragedy is when one unlucky or perhaps inebriated individual strolls into a tattoo parlor and gets something done that marks him, or her, as a failure forever. It’s sad, really, but hopefully you will get a laugh out of some of these terrible tattoo fails.


What a nice message. If only the reader could get past being referred to as “yorself”

“To”, “Too”, or “Two”?

Definitely not “to” in this case. Maybe this guy needs to tone down his dreams of body art.

Lesson to All

Let this be a reminder to those hastily trying to get a tattoo done; taking the time to plan and test might just be worth it.

No Regerts

It’s even sadder than “No Ragrets”, because this one is for real. Somebody actually has this on their body. Oh, the irony.

Lesson to All

Fore? Is it a pun, because the tattoo is on his forearm? Probably not, but it doesn’t hurt to be optimistic. Also, we’re pretty sure food and drink is a daily necessity even if one is not dying. But thanks anyways.

Failure Upon Failure Upon Failure

How many errors can you spot?

No Thanks

We don’t want this guy to “brethe” anywhere near us.

Grammar Rules Are Key

Wasn’t this person ever taught, “I before E, except after C?” Come on.

“Dishouner” On You

Sorry, but I think it’s going to be death, then.

Poor Harry

Somewhere, J.K. Rowling is cringing.

Especially Not You

Googling some Hannah Montana lyrics before getting this tattoo would have solved a lot of problems for this woman.

How Sweet

Except it isn’t sweet at all, because your love obviously wasn’t enough to get a quality tattoo.

What an “Aweful” Tattoo

We are “awefully” sorry this person has to have this on their body for the rest of his or her life.

Go Back To “Scool”

This person isn’t too cool for anything, we’re afraid.

Your Poor “Mather”

“Thenks” for the amusing picture, kid.

So Close

…Yet still so far. There is nothing “irresistiby” great about this tattoo.

You’re No “Aingel”

Let’s just hope your dad doesn’t notice.

Out Of This World

Do you live in the swamp, then? Not sure how that’s related to Marvin the Martian, but whatever.

What a “Tradgey”

This tragic tattoo certainly made us laugh like we’re watching a comedy, though.

Stream + Strength = “Streangth”?

Also, is that supposed to be an infinity sign? Whatever the case, this tattoo is a giant failure.