20 Lazy Cats That Will Make You LOL

We all have a little lazy spark in us and so do animals, although they do say cats are the laziest of them all. We really shouldn’t judge our feline friends, but the twenty cats on this list aren’t helping their case. Maybe they’re tired from chasing mice and killing lizards and so on and so forth — after all we don’t really know what these cats do while we are at work. Who knows they may be hard at work too and we just never get to see it. Nevertheless here are some lazy cats that will make you LOL.

Sleeping On A Pole

You call it lazy, I call it skillful.

Sleeping On A Windowsill

What’s better than lounging on a windowsill with a view of the beautiful garden outside. Must be nice.

Lazy And Depressed

It’s not clear if he’s tired or depressed, but I suspect he’s not moving from that spot for the rest of the day.

Too Much Food

This is what happens when you over indulge on meow mix.