20 Jobs That You Can Do From The Comfort Of Your Home

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Working from home is something that many people aspire to. It offers various advantages over traditional occupations that mean that it is highly desirable to a lot of people. This includes the fact it allows people to carry out work in the comfort of their home and choose their own hours, something that can be incredibly beneficial to those who only want to work part time hours or unable to leave the house for whatever reason.

Luckily, there is plenty of opportunity for people to work from home in a wide variety of different industries and fields. This article runs down some of the best and most interesting professions that are available to do from where you live.

Online Communications Associate

Many companies and businesses need people to update their website with new content, keep social media accounts up to date, administrate systems and manage online communities. These part time jobs are ideal for doing at home, as there is no need to be located at a physical location to carry out the work, so if you have the required skills you could consider becoming an online communications associate.

Graphic Designer

With new websites and written content appearing on the internet all the time, there is a constant need for graphic designers to create artwork to accompany other work and provide a visual representation of a business. This is a job that has always been possible to do from home as it only requires a small set of specialist tools and equipment. Talented artists will be able to get work with a variety of companies or clients for work online and physical publications.

Call Center Customer Service

While many companies have moved their call centers overseas to help reduce costs, there is a growing trend for them to instead hire home-based workers rather than move their entire operation to a new country. Duties are the same as you would take on in a call center, with you taking calls, answering questions and managing customer accounts, with the added benefits that you can carry out the work from the comfort of your own home and choose hours that suit you.


For those who speak more than one language, there are plenty of opportunities online. Companies will often look to hire freelancers to translate documents rather than employ a full time interpreter simply to reduce costs and those who are fluent in multiple languages are very much in demand. Work might involve translating legal documents or making content available to read by those from other countries.

Virtual Juror

Attorneys are increasingly incorporating new technologies and tools to help them decide whether a legal case is viable. One of the most promising new ways that they do this is by enlisting the help of virtual jurors who are able to assess the facts and give tentative decisions based on what the attorney currently possess. This helps them to decide whether to proceed with a case and take it to court.

Give Opinions

Another interesting way to make money without leaving your home is to work for opinion websites. These services are for people to test products and view products before giving feedback or simply giving their opinions on new ideas. This allows companies to target their new products to new consumers and see whether consumers have positive feelings towards the things that they are due to release in the future.

Contract Drafter

Contract drafters are highly sought after and in demand professionals who are able to draft business deals and contracts into legally binding documents. Because they work almost exclusively with documents, the work can be done at home; giving those with the necessary experience, qualifications and knowledge of the industry the chance to offer their services without leaving their home.

City Guide Writer

Travel, tourism and real-estate businesses are often in need of well researched and quality guides about local areas. If you have in-depth knowledge of your surrounding towns and cities, you could be able to create guides detailing exactly what those places are like, running through the amenities, attractions, entertainment and public transport links while also giving information about the population or places like parks.

Data Entry

Data entry jobs are another popular work-from-home occupation thanks to the fact that all you really need to carry out the work is a computer. Tasks will usually involve inputting data into programs or databases and can consist of things like transcribing audio. Vital skills for data entry include the ability to type quickly and accurately, work with large amounts of data or information and complete tasks to set deadlines while under pressure.

CV/Résumé Writer

The recent economic downturn has led to a massive growth in the amount of people looking for employment. As the first point of contact between a person and employer is likely to be a curriculum vitae or résumé, it is important that these documents are produced to a high quality. This has allowed those with excellent proofreading and editing skills to flourish by looking over these documents, making changes and ensuring they are the best they can be. Naturally, all of this work can be done at home, with the CV’s and résumé’s sent back and forth through email.

Rent Out Office Space

A number of websites, such as Desktime, give you the chance to rent out extra rooms you have in your home as office space. It might be workplace that you only use part-time or a spare room that never gets used. Simply create a profile on one of the applicable websites, add some photographs of the room and what fees you are looking to charge.

Search Engine Evaluator

Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo are constantly looking to improve their service by refining search algorithms and formulas. One of the ways that they do this is by hiring freelance workers to test their search engines by looking up specific terms as they look at the keyowrds and images that are returned and examine the results. The workers then evaluate the results and report back with suggestions and improvements

Infographic Artists

Infographic artists differ from traditional graphic artists in the fact that they are not just trying to create a stunning piece of art or stylish logo but rather inform and interest the viewer. Infographics are essentially visual representations of complex information and statistics and they can help represent data quickly and more effectively, helping the viewer to understand more easily. If you are able to deal with such data and translate it into infographics then you could find work with a variety of companies and websites.


Although a lot of people use an accounting firm to get their finances in order and carry out bookkeeping duties, there is room in the market for those who want to set up their own small business. Bookkeeping can easily be done as a work-from-home job as the client will send you all the necessary data and documents, meaning you can work anywhere. You’ll need previous experience or the right skills to start up and get clients, though.

English Teacher

The market for online English teachers has grown dramatically in the past few years. For many people who want to learn the language, it may be cost prohibitive to hire a personal tutor and inconvenient to attend night classes. This has led to new roles for those wishing to teach English over the internet using programs such as Skype to give one-on-one tuition, with customers able to choose their hours.


In the early days of the internet, many websites and businesses relied on volunteers to moderate their online communities and forums. However, with increased growth in the last decade it has become necessary for many to start to hire full time employees as their audience grows. Moderators are tasked with enforcing rules, deleting offending content and interacting with members by answering questions along with giving advice.

Agent Anything

Agent Anything allows you to complete “missions” from home and collect rewards for doing so. These tasks are set by others using the website online and can range from simply sending out emails about an upcoming event to researching a particular topic for an essay. Some more interesting missions might involve you finding something in the local area that a person is interested in, including the likes of musicians. Once completed, you get the agreed upon reward paid into your account.


One of the biggest areas of growth in the telecommute job industry is the role of a copywriter. The exact duties can vary depending on the employer but will usually revolve around creating written content for customers, ranging from marketing materials, product descriptions, articles or content for social media accounts.

Software Developer

With the growing need for roles involving computing and development in technology, more and more companies are looking to use freelancers or people who can work from home in an attempt to lower costs. One of the most sought after are software developers. These jobs can vary but you will likely be working on creating websites, developing apps or other programs or helping to update systems. You’ll need a good knowledge of working with software, however.

Voice Artist

You might think that all voice overs are done by well-known actors or celebrities, but the truth is that companies are willing to hire anyone who has the talent. If you are capable of producing a range of voices or have tones that suit the needs of a client sufficiently, you can get work as a voice artist, providing the voice of characters in online videos. A recording studio isn’t necessary either for top quality sound recording, meaning that you can do the work at home and send the files electronically.