20 Items You Can Only Discover In A Chinese Walmart

Walmart is one of the largest retail stores in the entire world, and there is a reason for that. The store has almost every item imaginable for, generally, pretty reasonable prices. However, in other countries, the stores tend to offer a different selection of items. In China, there are plenty of crazy items you can get your hands on. Everything from live frogs and powdered horse milk to the more serious natured items, like diet water. Here are twenty odd assortments you can only purchase while visiting a Chinese Walmart. Are any of these on your shopping list?

Animal Eggs

Along with the normal chicken eggs, Chinese Walmarts also have other assortments of animal eggs. Just about any type of animal you can consider that lays an egg can be purchased from the store here.

Pig Faces

Sure, you can purchase bacon to cook for breakfast, but China takes it a step further by offering an entire pig face for purchase. These hogs aren’t tiny either.

Diet Water

In case plain old water is too unhealthy for you – what with all those calories and added ingredients – then you can buy diet water from Walmart to get a little bit healthier.

Frozen Crocodiles

When creating a feast, nothing comes off fancier than someone who is cooking an entire crocodile. Walmart – only within the Asian country – is offering entire frozen crocodiles for sale.