10 Photos That Look Fake But Are Totally Real

We’ve all been surfing the net from time to time and run across a photo we decided just couldn’t possibly be real. We look at it and we look at it and we think we’ve cracked the code as to where the photoshopping is taking place. The fact of the matter is there are some photos that certainly look as though they were faked but they are in fact 100% real. These photos will make you stand up and take notice at just how weird our world can be when it really tries. Check out these 10 photos that look fake but are totally real and let us know what you think.

These Chinese Fishermen

While this looks like a very realistic oil painting, it’s actually two men out fishing the Chaohu lake in China, which is quite algae filled. The one man’s oar, which has taken on a decided paintbrush kind of look, helps with the feeling that this is fake but it’s not.

This Optical Illusion

While this looks like a grass globe, it’s actually totally flat. This design was made outside the Paris city hall and it will take a bit of staring because you see how it was done.