10 Shockingly Outdated Beliefs People Had A Hard Time Letting Go

While you might like to think that some of the world’s most outdated beliefs have gone by the wayside, considering it’s 2015, there are plenty of people that hold onto beliefs they should have long let go. Sometimes it’s because they were brought up in their native culture to believe these things. Sometimes the beliefs are being held onto because the alternative is too frightening to accept. And still other times, people are just so darn naive or dumb that they are willing to believe what they want to believe because it fits into their wold view. You’ll be shocked to find out some of these beliefs that people are still trying desperately to hang onto in this day and age. Check out our list of the 10 most outdated beliefs they just can’t let go of.

The Blank Slate Theory

The blank slate theory was one that claimed that when a baby was born, it was literally a blank slate and that all behaviors were learned during it’s very formative years. While the theory is based in science, we now know that all humans are born with some instincts. Still, there are some fringe mental health professionals who swear by the blank slate theorem.

Self Flagellation As Worship

There was a period of time when monks would whip themselves and otherwise cause themselves pain as a way to worship their god. The practice has largely gone out of style but there are still some small sects that practice self-flagellation.