20 Images To Ruin A Perfectionist’s Day

It’s not easy being a perfectionist, especially when the universe decides to be chaotic around you every single day. Everyone has difficult days, but things can get particularly worse for a perfectionist when simple tasks, which bring about that sweet visual order, are done horribly wrong. The human brain is designed to love equilibrium. It can easily spot the break in order and for some, such breaks are unbearable. Here’s twenty such incidents that can truly torture your symmetry-loving brain.

Displaced Cover

It was not supposed to be rocket science.

Mismatched Quadrants

Someone completely ‘missed the point’.

One Job

Binder rings that failed their only purpose.

Cutlery Nightmares

Everyone knows a monster who would leave a wet spoon in the sugar jar.

Art Fail

The perfect tiles for showcasing a decapitated woman.

Quilt Making

Perfectionists would buy this, just to fix it.

Bad Bad Doggie

The two adorable puppies that ruined everything.

Paper Towels

Paper towels that tear when they were suppose to dry your wet hands, because of your wet hands.

The Real Eraserhead

Like writing a test on a timer wasn’t bad enough, the eraser had to fail you.

Handicapped Parking

There was actually a person who did this and then decided to leave it like this

Doughnut Destruction

Lunch break could not be worse when your only doughnut got destroyed by the packaging that was meant to protect it.

Wet Sleeve

The constant reminder that your sleeve slipped off and you were just not fast enough.

Time For Parental Intervention

When your sweet child destroyed this.

The One that Stood Out

Working overtime couldn’t get anymore difficult

Knife Trouble

The bad thing about this is trying to fish it out and clean it without getting anything on yourself.

Asymmetrical Cabinets

The perfectionist’s equivalent of a haunted house.

Falling Toothbrush

It could have been a perfect art installation, if it weren’t for that one toothbrush.

Odd One Out

There’s always one that wants to stand out from the crowd.

The One That Will Haunt you

Moments like these you realize that some mistakes can never be fixed.

Park Benches

The perfect way to ruin your recreational walk.