10 Bizarre Alcohol Beverages From Around The World

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Alcohol has long been one of the staples of human diets. Archaeological finds have suggested that fermented beverages may have been drunk as far back as 10,000 BC, while ancient civilizations such as those in China, Babylon and Egypt all produced and drunk types of wine, mead and beer. Modern times have not seen the habit of drinking alcohol lessen at all, while new advances in technology and access to exotic ingredients has made it possible for manufacturers to create new and exciting types of drink that are often made as strange as possible so that the shock factor captures the attention of buyers.

Horse Milk Wine

Due to the fact the cow’s milk has largely become the milk of choice in western countries, it is likely that a large proportion of people would be squeamish about even drinking horse’s milk. That hasn’t stopped Mongolians from creating a wine called Kumis out of the liquid though, by allowing it to ferment for up to a year. The drink is often offered to guests in the countries and has a faint sour taste.

Bacon Vodka

While many drinkers choose to eat bacon and other greasy food as a way of curing their hangovers, one company offers to kill two birds with one stone with their special bacon vodka. Each bottle contains slices of bacon to provide a distinctive flavor that is unmatched in the world of alcohol, though you probably won’t be able to find too many cocktails using it.

Baby Mouse Wine

Baby mouse wine is actually a Chinese beverage that claims to be something of a health tonic. It is created by drowning a collection of baby mice in a tub of wine and then letting the concoction ferment for a year. Unsurprisingly, those who have tasted the alcohol claim that is smells disgusting and doesn’t taste much better.

Pizza Beer

People have been combining together things that they love for hundreds of years, so it should as no real surprise that someone has created Pizza Beer. After all, many people love both beer and pizza in equal measure. It was created by Tom and Athena Seefurth in 2006 and includes garlic, tomato, wheat crust and oregano in the ingredients.

Reindeer Horn Whiskey

Reindeer Horn Whiskey is a strong whiskey, at 50% alcohol by volume, that is produced by a family-run business. The beverage is made with ground up reindeer horn along with a variety of herbs and spices over the course of several months, with the end product being a popular whiskey that is drunk all around Thailand.

Scorpion Vodka

Most people would probably guess that Scorpion Vodka would come from some exotic and far away land, when in truth the beverage is actually created and bottled entirely in the United Kingdom. Each bottle of the vodka contains a dead scorpion that comes from the company’s own scorpion farm, with the intention of adding a unique flavor and impressing any guests the customer might have over.

Mekong River Eel Wine

Mekong River Eel Wine is actually Laos wine that has been made from water taken directly from the Mekong River that passes through Thailand, China, Vietnam and Laos. It is also infused with a dead eel that once swam in the mighty stretch of water and the drink is believed to possess certain healing and aphrodisiac qualities.

The End Of History

The End Of History would be unique without the fact that the bottles come in real-life stuffed animals because the alcohol is a staggering 55% alcohol by volume and costs $765 per bottle. BrewDog have created just 12 limited edition versions of the strong beer, using the bodies of squirrels, rabbits and stoats to wrap up the alcohol.

Platinum & White Gold Tequila

Created and sold by Tequila Ley, the Platinum & White Gold Tequila is officially the most expensive liquor in the world, with a single bottle costing $225,000. The Mexican drink was a a unique 100% Blue Agave Tequila that had been matured for six years, though the bottle itself made up most of the cost thanks to the valuable materials that went in to making it.

Three Penis Liquor

You would have to be pretty brave to drink Tezhi Sanbian Jiu, because the translation is literally Three Penis Liquor. While this may sound like something out of a reality television show, it is a relatively common beverage in China and includes the sexual organs of animals such as a seal, deer and dog.