10 Bizarre Alcohol Beverages From Around The World

Alcohol has long been one of the staples of human diets. Archaeological finds have suggested that fermented beverages may have been drunk as far back as 10,000 BC, while ancient civilizations such as those in China, Babylon and Egypt all produced and drunk types of wine, mead and beer. Modern times have not seen the habit of drinking alcohol lessen at all, while new advances in technology and access to exotic ingredients has made it possible for manufacturers to create new and exciting types of drink that are often made as strange as possible so that the shock factor captures the attention of buyers.

Horse Milk Wine

Due to the fact the cow’s milk has largely become the milk of choice in western countries, it is likely that a large proportion of people would be squeamish about even drinking horse’s milk. That hasn’t stopped Mongolians from creating a wine called Kumis out of the liquid though, by allowing it to ferment for up to a year. The drink is often offered to guests in the countries and has a faint sour taste.

Bacon Vodka

While many drinkers choose to eat bacon and other greasy food as a way of curing their hangovers, one company offers to kill two birds with one stone with their special bacon vodka. Each bottle contains slices of bacon to provide a distinctive flavor that is unmatched in the world of alcohol, though you probably won’t be able to find too many cocktails using it.