20 Hilarious Photos Of People Falling Down

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At some point in our lives we’ve all taken a nasty spill or two; the process can lead to bruised knees and bruised egos. Yes, falling down is embarrassing but once you realize that no harm was done, you might be able to find humor in the situation. Of course, it’s always easier to laugh when you’re not the one falling down, so sit back, relax and enjoy these 20 hilarious photos of people falling.

Road Fall

That awkward moment when you fall in the street and no one comes to your aid.

Business Fall

Blame it on the fitted skirt or the high heels, those things plus bike riding just don’t go well together.

Wet Fall

When you decide to run in high heels, while the roads are wet; somebody’s gonna fall down– it’s inevitable.

Snow Fall

Not even those comfortable sneakers could prevent her from falling in the snow. What’s a girl to do?

Skating Fall

I don’t know much about figure skating, but I don’t think that’s a part of her routine.

Hot Fall

Josh Duhamel just keeps tripping over his hotness; it’s a gift and a curse!

Catwalk Fall

These people get paid to walk and even they fall down sometimes. Yikes!

Bicycle Fall

When you fall off the bike before you even get on, that’s a bad sign for what is to come.

Comedic Fall

Knowing Kathy Griffin, this was probably a staged fall, but that doesn’t make it any less funny.

Rhythmic Fall

It actually looks like she’s dancing to some cool hip hop beats… right?

Celeb Fall

Lindsey Lohan seems to fall down more than all the other celebrities combined; it’s always funny though.

Concrete Fall

Wow, I hope she’s okay because this one looks really really painful.

Wedding Fall

Well that’s one way to steal attention from the bride.

Fancy Fall

If you’re gonna get photographed taking a tumble, at least you get to look fabulous doing it!

Olympic Fall

If there’s one time a figure skater should not fall it’s during the winter Olympics — sorry fellow, maybe next year!

Happy Fall

If you can’t fall gracefully, at least fall happily.

Royal Fall

Prince Harry might be in line for the Royal throne, but that can’t keep him from falling just like the rest of us.

Stunt Fall

This is what happens when a novice tries to impress girls by trying to perform stunts on his bike. FAIL!

Famous Fall

Maybe Hilary Duff is just acting out a scene from a movie, who knows?

Photo Fall

Yikes, one minute you’re posing on a rail for a glamorous photo, next you’re falling off the rail — and not in a ladylike manner either.