20 Hilarious Notes That Prove Kids Are More Honest Than Adults

If there is one thing we can learn from kids, is how to be completely and utterly honest with each other. They seem to have a very sincere grasp on reality. It doesn’t matter how it comes out or how we perceive their words. We sometimes have difficulty distinguishing whether their lack of empathy is genuine and is sometimes hard to decide whether this honesty is cute or flat out mean. Take a look a these notes written by kids with a lot on their little minds. You can decide for yourselves whether these kids’ notes are adorably cute or adorably mean. Either way, they’re kids who are just adorably honest about life.

Angry For Now

He still loves you. Just not today… or tomorrow.

Trade Up

I think an eyelash will do just fine. They both hurt when plucking them out.

It Wasn’t Me

Hey, accusing someone of farting is a serious accusation.

Thank You

He’s just glad to be alive.

Signature Required

He wants his dad’s word… in writing. Trust issues?

Big Fan

Her mom is a huge fan of Ellen.


This kid really hates the neighbor’s dog, and it seems his neighbors for that matter. What a cute little picture down the bottom though…

Kicked Into Reality

If this is all it takes to make a friend, the world would be a much happier place.

Breaking Up Is So Hard To Do

He really likes Krystal. He just doesn’t want to be with her.

Toll Fee Required

Family members have to pay a fee just to get the door to open.

If You Really Love Me

He really loves his hair, dad.

Favorite Thing To Do

Mom should probably hide the wine. They’re on to her.

Holiday Wish

I hope you get plenty of presents that don’t include food.

My Favorite?

I like you, just not that much.

Fun at Recess

Annie better be ready to either run or pucker up.

Who’s In Charge Here?

Tell mom that you are a man and you need meat!


Which is more important, a clean room or my loving charm?

I Need The Funds

The tooth fairy has a running tab.


She is tired of being good all year while waiting and still no pony.

No Job

How does this kid even know what a freeloader is?