10 Geeky Facts To Impress Your Friends

Being completely geeky is not that bad these days, as many women tend to find someone who is smart and knows their pop culture quite attractive. Physical attraction is one thing, but being attracted to someone’s mind is completely different. Knowing what you’re talking about is the first step towards scoring the perfect geeky girl, so geeky facts are definitely a requirement. The following ten facts are interesting, intelligent, and filled with enough knowledge to impress the folks at the local bar quiz. So, take a seat and learn something new tonight!


Floccinaucinihilipilification, which is the declaration by someone that an item is completely useless, is actually the longest non-medical word in the entire English language. That should impress some people you know.

Disaster Movie

Disaster Movie, the parody film, is considered the worst movie of all time. According to reviews and public opinion, the film has an average score of just 1.3 out of 10 and a two percent on Rotten Tomatoes.