20 Hilarious Items Sold On Late-Night Television

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Late at night, when everyone else is sound asleep in your home, you sometimes switch on the television in the living room and turn the sound down real low out of fear of waking someone. The things you see on television at those times of the night are what we’re here to discuss. Occasionally, depending on which channel you find yourself on, people are selling their various wares at what they want us to believe to be discounted prices and super-incredible, double-offer deals. Of course, most of those items suck, though.

Better Marriage Blanket

If your marriage is in shambles, why not purchase a blanket that could solve all of your relationship troubles. That’s how this particular item was marketed, though we’re certain it didn’t actually save anyone’s marriage.

Fir-Real Sauna

When you’re away from home and looking to get that fresh-from-the-sauna experience, there is no better option than the Fir-Real Sauna. It’s completely portable and will offer heat therapy with infrared rays.


When your grout becomes worn down and discolored most of you probably want to just bleach it. That’s what this commercial expected, of course. Instead, they offer the Grout-Aide, a simple pen-like tool to freshen up the home.

Lady Bug Land

Children generally want to play outdoors when they’re younger and haven’t discovered the internet. That’s the place to find ladybugs. This little bug land is durable and completely clear, allowing kids to see the ladybugs growing within.

Comfort Wipe

Sometimes you just really don’t want to wipe your own butt. Other times, however, you simply cannot reach. The Comfort Wipe is the simple tool to help wipe and get rid of the mess without any problems.

Pajama Jeans

Going outdoors never looked this classy! Combine the comfort of pajamas with the look and utility of jeans. These pants look like regular denim, but they feel just like soft pajamas.

Short Belt

Because belts are too trendy and hip at the moment. These people decided to shorten the belt, allowing it to use just two of the loops on your pants. It’s said to be more comfortable, too.

Slumber Mitt

You don’t need a second hand, really. Wear the Slumber Mitt on one hand, and then you can rest comfortable against hard surfaces. Obviously your mitt-wearing hand won’t get tired, though.

Tiddy Bear

Ladies, if you ever find your chest growing increasingly more uncomfortable while driving due to the rough nature of the seat belt, look no further! The Tiddy Bear attaches to the belt to comfort your bosom.


Sure, you can be a messy person and generally go out in public. However, some people take it a step further by drooling down the front of their shirt while driving. The Slobstopper will prevent any stains from your drool and mess.

Kush Support

A lot of people sleep on their side at night, and a lot of those people are women. Women have large chests sometimes, and that means sleeping without support is just downright painful. The Kush Support will support your breasts so you can wake up relaxed and without chest pain.

Fresh Foam

Off-brand toilet paper can sometimes be scratchy and hard to use. Fresh Foam can sometimes help by moistening the toilet paper before use. It doesn’t clog the drain and it doesn’t disintegrate the paper.

Poop Trap

Anyone who has to walk their dog in public places knows how annoying it is to clean up after their animal does its business. The Poop Trap allows the pet owner to connect a bag against the butt of their animal to contain the mess.

Cami Secret

The Cami Secret will allow women to wear short tops to work without feeling bad about it. This piece of clothing connects directly to the bra, so it flows underneath the outer shirt, giving the appearance of an under-shirt.

Uro Club

Stopping your golf game in order to take a leak is just too hard these days. That’s why the Uro Club is a hollowed out tool to allow any guy the chance to urinate while still out on the green in the early morning hours.

Wonder Boner

With a name like that, most people would instantly think of something completely different. However, the Wonder Boner is actually used to de-bone a fish in a quick and easy manner.

Talking TP

The advertisement claims this is the perfect gift or gag for Weddings and Birthdays. I don’t know many people who would want their toilet paper to talk to them. Personally, I hate being talked to on the toilet.

The Fridge Locker

Tired of people stealing your fresh fruit or yogurt from the fridge at the office? The Fridge Locker will store everything in a plastic cage to ensure no one steals your lunch again.

Potty Patch

This potty-trainer was created with astroturf to help train puppies and dogs. Every single animal in the advertisement is photoshopped, though, so we’re sure animals actually hate using it.

The Back Up Bedside Holster

‘Merica! If you live in an area where a shotgun is required while you’re in bed, then you may want to just move as soon as possible. The Back Up Bedside Holster attaches underneath the mattress and leaves your loaded firearm in easy reach.