20 Great Comedy Shows From The Past Decade

We are undoubtedly living in the golden era of television. The number of quality shows on offer has significantly increased over the past decade, making it a great time to be a television fanatic. Comedy, as a genre, has greatly evolved in this period as well, with a large number of shows covering concepts and ideas that have never before been explored. Television shows have no doubt gotten bolder and more expressive in their content. Here is a list of the best comedy shows we have seen over the past decade:


There is nothing quite like Louie on television right now. It is part dark comedy, part drama, part surrealist and thoroughly artistic in its overall concept and execution. Louis C.K has a great comedic mind that forces us to examine humorous elements in even the most absurd situations, making this a truly unique show.


Most television stars struggle to break away from being typecast into a particular role after being an integral part of any great show. Julie Louis-Dreyfus knocked this problem out of the park with a stellar performance on Veep that is aptly supported by a competent support cast and a crisp script.


Is there a show more Meta than community? I highly doubt that. Community managed to create a quirky setting inside a community college and transform it into a madhouse of infinite possibilities. It derives its strength from a thorough understanding of popular culture and uses it to showcase and invert many stereotypes.

Modern Family

There have been many family-based television series that have come before ‘Modern Family’ but none of them share the charm and straightforwardness of this hilarious series. The family members themselves are well-cast and the dialogues and situation are truly original.