20 Funny And Strange Architectural Wonders

Are you tired of looking at the same old boring buildings day after day, and wish you could jump into the worlds of say, Dr. Seuss, or some far-flung alien planet where the architecture is as weird as the locale? Look no further. This list contains twenty of the strangest, funniest pieces of earthling architecture, and some of the structures will make you wonder if some of these people actually did visit some extraterrestrial culture, and upon their return, they implemented some of which they saw.

London Gherkin—London, England

Situated at the heart of London’s financial district, this rather off-the-wall skyscraper does look somewhat pickle-like, but it’s also been compared to an egg-shape as well. Its external function, however, balances out its weirdness: the outside has solar panels on it, making it one of the greenest buildings in the city. The photo here is of the structure during the day, but like many London buildings, the Gherkin looks amazing at night.

Crooked House—Sopot, Poland

One of the strangest houses ever built was erected in 2003. It was based on Polish children’s book author and artist Jan Marcin Szancer and Swedish painter Per Dahlberg, who lives in Sopot. If you’re not familiar with these artists, go ahead and look them up, then come back and understand the inspiration for the almost-‘Dr-Seuss’-like weirdness.

Sydney Opera House

Everyone knows this one, but it still belongs in the Top 20 just because of its unusual shape. In fact, it’s famous because of its shape. Now, how do we get a certain “Opera Ghost” to haunt it?

Flying Drawbridge—Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Transporting goods by water is one of the primary ways the Netherlands does business, and locks and dams are a common feature. But some areas require smaller drawbridges. The “Flying Drawbridge,” so nicknamed for the fabled ship “The Flying Dutchman,” is a solution to this challenge, and instead of the bridge having hinges, the bridge is attached to a big concrete pylon. It’s painted blue and yellow to honor the colors of Leeuwarden’s flag.