20 Funny And Creative Stock Images Found Online

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You may have seen some strange things in your day but you’ve never seen anything like this. Thanks once again to the internet, you are about to view some of the most fascinating, funny and creative stock photos that we found online. From a juice-drinking pumpkin, a woman with fish for eyes or dummies in love, just sit back, relax and enjoy this hilarious collection of stock photos, guaranteed to make you LOL or say WOT!

Noodle Head

Who wouldn’t wanna eat noodles out of their head?

Mouse Trap

Now that’s one bad-ass mouse!


I bet you can’t even tell them apart.

Healthy Cat

Healthy lifestyle change: Day one!

Fish Eyes

This one seems pretty darn creative.

Carrot Sniffer

Why does she have a carrot in her nose you ask? How should we know.

Thirsty Pumpkin

Wow, a pumpkin that’s drinking pumpkin juice, or is that orange juice?


When you work together, you can accomplish your goal!

Beach Day

Not quite sure what to say about this one.

Strange Sight

Nothing strange here; just an astronaut talking to a donkey in costume!

Little Guy

Rub-a-dub-dub a little guy in a tub!

Dummy Love

Come on, crash test dummies need love too.

Fruit Head

Oh hey pineapple head, what’s up?

Cats And Dogs

Who says they can’t get along?

Egg On A Line

Because sometimes you just need to hang your eggs out to dry!

Working Baby

I know the feeling baby girl, but you gotta push through.


This hairstyle is gonna be all-the-rage this summer.

Hand Fingers

What if each finger had thier own set of fingers? Mind-blown!

Fishy Handshake

Hey dude, you’re gonna need a wet wipe after that handshake!

Odd Feet

The look on your face when you realize you have the weirdest looking feet ever!