20 Funniest People You’ll Ever See At The Gym

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Physical fitness is important. There’s no disputing that point. Which is, of course, why we all drag ourselves out of bed in the morning or after a long day of work and head to the gym. Most of us are efficient and effective with our time at the gym, but a chosen few have a unique knack for engaging in truly bizarre behaviors while the rest of us are just trying to burn some calories. We’re sure you have some submissions to contribute, but from what we can gather these are the 20 funniest people you’ll ever see at the gym. So, without further ado, here are 20 truly unique people that really need a personal trainer to keep them on track…

Does he know the bike is stationary?

We have to assume that this guy is a little confused.

High heel squatting

Not only is this woman committed to her physical fitness, she’s committed to looking good while working out.

So many things…

We have to give the woman credit, at least she is at the gym trying. Which is more than we can say about everyone else given that the rest of the gym appears to be empty.

They think I’m working out!

This guy clearly should be working out, but instead he’s kicking back and enjoying a magazine while eating a cupcake. Sounds good to us!

No way this ends well

We have to assume that at some point a member of the gym staff stopped this guy from doing what he’s doing, because this can’t be safe. It also can’t lead to any kind of real excercise.

Is this developing balance?

Using the medicine ball here while working out seem to be a little unsafe, but hey whatever floats your boat!

They have machines for that

It doesn’t look like this guy got the memo, but if he’s looking to do his leg workout that day the gym probably have better suited equipment.

Real Motivation

Let your mind run wild with this one, we’re thinking that this guy has figured out the true secret of motivation to push yourself in a workout.

Child endangerment

This HAS to be illegal in some way… will someone call child services, please?

Is the trainer actually endorsing this?

We’re pretty sure this is how a REALLY funny trip to the ER story starts off… The white socks and plain white sneakers makes this one even better.

Is that Santa Clause?

This guy is either asleep at the gym or just really really focused on getting his workout completed. We’re not sure which.

No one believes this…

How original! We felt the need to include this because it’s just as silly as so many other photos on this list.

Is that a one piece bathing suit?

Is that woman on the treadmill wearing a bathing suit under her sweatpants? Are those spandex? We don’t know, but FAIL.

This is how I injured my arm…

Is this guy trying to show off for the ladies? We don’t know, but we can’t imagine that this is a real workout.

This Trainer Needs a Trainer

This whole situation just seems off. The trainer could use a little, well training. And the guy doing the workout looks like he’s about to explode.

Anger Management

Everyone should have a regular exercise regiment. But this woman needs to tone it down a bit as she clearly looks a little too angry…

Laptop at a public gym

We don’t even know what to say to this one. He’s got his laptop and what looks like a Starbucks Frappuccino.

Listening to workout mix on laptop

Is this guy seriously listening to music using his laptop that’s sitting in his pants? This can’t be the only photo of this guy…

This has to be a joke

This just makes us happy. We’re not sure if this was staged or what but it’s pretty awesome.

Working out is hard

You could say that she’s just texting a friend really quick, but the fact that she has her legs kicked up in a relaxing position makes us think otherwise.