20 Forgotten Pretty Little Liars Characters

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Pretty Little Liars is the highest scripted series to ever air on ABC Family. The show has been number one in it’s demographic since it first premiered in 2010. Now, with the sixth season premiering in a couple of weeks, it’s time to look back on some characters that seemed to have disappeared from the series. Some of the characters had finished storylines, while others are still left dangling and make you think, ‘Hey! What ever happened to…?’ Let’s take a look at some forgotten Pretty Little Liars characters over the past five years. Don’t forget to catch the season 6 premiere, ‘Game On Charles‘ airing Tuesday, June 2nd at 8/7c on ABC Family.

​Holden Strauss

He was one of Aria’s childhood friends that showed up in Season 2. He hasn’t been seen since Emily realized she was drugged in the beginning of Season 3.

Sean Ackard

Sean was Hanna’s first boyfriend in Season 1. He was last mentioned by Hanna in Season 4’s ‘Bite Your Tongue’, but hasn’t been physically seen since the first season.

​Wren Kingston

He’s everyone’s favorite doctor in Rosewood. After being mysteriously creepy in the fourth season, he vanished. Every now and then the PLL characters would mention his name. In season 5, he’s supposed to be living in London with Melissa, but he’s yet to be seen.

​Samara Cook

She dated Emily for a brief moment. After ‘A’ threatened Emily to make a move on one of Samara’s friends, they called it quits.

​Ben Coogan

Before Emily dated Samara, Maya, Paige, and Talia, she dated Ben. After he gets beaten up by Toby for trying to rape Emily, he disappeared from the series.

Wayne Fields

Wayne Fields is the father of Emily. When we last saw Wayne in season four, he was helping Emily escape from the second floor of Rosewood High after she had a panic attack due to A’s antics. After helping Emily, he collapses and later revealed that he has a heart condition. Wayne hasn’t been seen since. Is he okay? How is his heart condition? Hopefully when the series picks back up, we’ll see Papa Fields again.

Alex Santiago

Before Spoby (Spencer & Toby) existed, Spencer dated Alex. He worked at the Rosewood Country Club that the Hastings’ family often visited. The two eventually break up due to Alex being invited to a tennis Summit in Sweden. Alex hasn’t been mentioned since his last appearance in Season 1’s episode, ‘Salt Meets Wound’.

Kate Randall

Kate Randall is Hanna’s stepsister. When she first appeared, she promised to make Hanna’s life a living hell. Kate hasn’t appeared in the series since it was revealed that she lied about Hanna and her friends bullying her. She is often mentioned is some episodes.

Isabel Marin

Isabel Marin is Hanna’s stepmother. She is also Kate’s mother. Isabel was last seen in Season 2’s ‘The Naked Truth’ after she decided to remove Kate from Rosewood High after she lied about being bullied.

Regina Marin

Regina is the outspoken and witty grandmother of Hanna. She was always Hanna’s voice of reason. Regina was last seen in ‘She’s Better Now’. Hopefully she will return to Rosewood soon to give Hanna some much needed comforting after Hanna is able to escape from A’s creepy dollhouse.

Meredith Sorenson

Meredith had an affair with Aria’s father, Byron Montgomery. She was last seen trying to poison Aria after she assumed Aria had evidence that Byron was involved with Alison’s ‘death’. It was last mentioned that Meredith left Rosewood and is seeking help for her mental disorder.

Duncan Albert

It was revealed in Season 2 that Duncan was involved with Alison. The four liars learned that he helped Alison fly to the Hilton Head on Labor Day Weekend, which is the weekend Alison went ‘missing’, although Alison told the girls she took a bus home. Duncan only appeared in two episodes.

Eddie Lamb

Eddie Lamb is one of the nurses at Radley Sanitarium. He tends to know some of the secrets that have occurred at Radley, but he never reveals what exactly it is that he knows. We last saw Eddie Lamb in the Season five’s episode ‘The Silence of E. Lamb’, where he makes a brief call to whom the viewers are lead to believe is Ezra Fitz. In ‘Scream For Me’ it is revealed that he no longer works at Radley. We still don’t know what exactly are the secrets Eddie knows; hopefully it will be explored in the upcoming episodes.

Wesley Fitzgerald

He’s Ezra’s younger brother and was only on PPL in the third season. Wesley had somewhat of a friendship with his brother’s on-again-off-again girlfriend, Aria. After running away from his controlling mother, he returned back home, thanks to some advice from Aria.

Dianne Fitzgerald

She is the rich mother of Wesley and Ezra Fitzgerald. Dianne made it clear that she did not approve of the relationship her son, Ezra, had with his high school student Aria. She hasn’t made an appearance since Season 3, but was briefly mentioned in the fifth season after Ezra was shot.

Travis Hobbs

Travis helped Hanna get over her breakup with Caleb after he moved to Ravenswood. Eventually, Caleb moved back to Rosewood and rekindled his relationship with Hanna, thus leaving Travis in the wind. Travis was last seen in the Season 5’s episode ‘Run, Ali, Run.’


Jake was a hot Martial Arts Instructor that sparked a romantic relationship with Aria after she called it quits with Ezra. The last time we saw Jake, he injured his foot with punching bag that was filled with hidden knives. Did A put the knives in the punching bag or was it a jealous Ezra? I guess we will never know.

Sydney Driscoll

Sydney Driscoll was only in the series for the first half of the fifth season. Once she revealed that she was a friend of Jenna’s before moving to Rosewood, her storyline seemed to diminish. Sydney was last seen in ‘How the A Stole Christmas.’

Anne Sullivan

Dr. Anne Sullivan was the first person to ever figure out that Mona was the original A. She last appeared in ‘Will The Circle Be Unbroken’ when she tried to help Spencer during her stint at Radley. Sullivan is reportedly making a comeback in the upcoming sixth season.

Mr. Tamborelli

Mr. Tamborelli is the Vice Principal at Rosewood High alongside Vice Principal Hackett. He only appeared in one episode, ‘The Naked Truth’ from Season 2.