20 Famous Stories With Details You Never Knew

No matter how amazingly interesting a story is, when it is retold it loses some of its sparkle – so it is no surprise that throughout history people have been augmenting and sensationalizing the most important stories so that people with both listen to them in the first place and remember them in the long run. This also means that most of what the public hears are versions of the truth, beautified for maximum effect or simplified for easier remembrance. Often times though, this means leaving out crucial details that makes the story far more interesting and even sometimes changing the core facts completely.

Mighty Lincoln

The sixteenth president of the United States is one of the biggest fixtures in American history, known for his personal resolve and abolishing slavery. While his political career was impressive, his personal life was even more so. His early years working on a farm gave him incredible strength – there are not one but two recorded instances where Abraham Lincoln picked someone up by the neck and threw them as if they were a rag doll.

The Dark Ages

The notorious period of medieval history is known for the horrors of poverty, filth, and the Black Plague that spread across Europe. What most people don’t realize was that in the Middle East, people were enjoying a great period of social and intellectual well-being filled with discovery, scholarship, and innovation.

Dude Just Wants to Be a Lady

When the Unabomber was arrested, the manifesto written against modern technology that was found amongst his possessions was taken as the motive for his crimes. Actually, Ted Kaczynski just wanted gender reassignment surgery – a botched appointment with a psychiatrist angered him so much that he started murdering people.

Wild Lies

In 1958, the world was taken aback by how documentaries were able to capture the mass suicide of lemmings in the Arctic tundra in the Oscar-winning Disney film White Wilderness. What most people didn’t know was that lemmings aren’t prone to killing themselves when stranded on a cliff – filmmakers threw the adorable rodents into the sea to their deaths for dramatic effect.