10 Of The Most Bizarre Fetishes People Actually Have

Everyone may have some form of a fetish at one point or another in their lifetime, whether it is something incredibly mild and tame, such as a love of underwear, or something that is just simply too unreasonable for your significant other to truly get behind. There are some truly bizarre fetishes out there currently going through someone’s mind at any given point in the day, as our fellow human beings are rather disturbing fellows sometimes. Sex is fun and amazing, but sometimes it is just plain weird. Here are ten of the most bizarre sexual fetishes people actually have.


Necrophilia is probably one of the most well known bizarre fetishes in the entire world. The love of dead bodies and having sex with a deceased corpse is quite disgusting, and yet a lot of people somehow enjoy this particular fetish.


Emetophilia is another rather disgusting sexual fetish some people tend to love. When someone gets sick, most people see or smell it and instantly throw up themselves. However, some people actually enjoy being thrown on up on during sexual intercourse.