10 Of The Most Bizarre Fetishes People Actually Have

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Everyone may have some form of a fetish at one point or another in their lifetime, whether it is something incredibly mild and tame, such as a love of underwear, or something that is just simply too unreasonable for your significant other to truly get behind. There are some truly bizarre fetishes out there currently going through someone’s mind at any given point in the day, as our fellow human beings are rather disturbing fellows sometimes. Sex is fun and amazing, but sometimes it is just plain weird. Here are ten of the most bizarre sexual fetishes people actually have.


Necrophilia is probably one of the most well known bizarre fetishes in the entire world. The love of dead bodies and having sex with a deceased corpse is quite disgusting, and yet a lot of people somehow enjoy this particular fetish.


Emetophilia is another rather disgusting sexual fetish some people tend to love. When someone gets sick, most people see or smell it and instantly throw up themselves. However, some people actually enjoy being thrown on up on during sexual intercourse.


Anyone who sits down on the toilet for their daily number two and absolutely loves the smell of their own fecal matter is probably experiencing Coprophilia. The abnormal interest in feces and defecation has now become a sexual fetish.


Mechanophilia is becoming increasingly more common as we move into the future. The love of machinery and metal, specifically being sexually attracted to those inanimate objects, has become widespread throughout the world.


Receiving a blumpkin may be some form of pleasure to some, it makes other people insanely sick and disgusted. Receiving oral sex from a loving partner while you are sitting on the porcelain throne is gross, but not uncommon.


Ursusagalmatophilia is the absolute love of teddy bears. Some people find the soft fur, the four limbs, and the interior stuffing to be highly erotic under certain conditions. Well, those people are growing in numbers, as there is even fiction stories of the act.


Everyone knows about bestiality by now, as widespread stories about atrocious acts committed with animals has become almost commonplace on the world wide web. The love of animals and having sex with those animals is gross, but people still do it.


Hierophilia is the intense love or sexual interest in religious or sacred objects to the point of basically ejaculating in your pants while at Sunday Service. Never step foot in a church or monastery if you’re suffering through this particular fetish.

Diaper Fetishism

Diaper Fetishism is exactly what it sounds like. There is a select group of individuals out there – who may be growing every single year – who get off on the act of wearing a diaper or seeing their partner in an adult diaper.


Dendrophilia is the sexual attraction towards wood and the forests, in particular. Those who enjoy spending a lot of time hiking through the woods or camping may be suffering from this one, or those who have sex with trees.