20 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Disney

Club 33

An exclusive club was built above the Blue Bayou in Disneyland. Known as Club 33, this legendary location was created in 1967 and caters its guests alcohol, the only location available to partake in drinking at Disneyland. Unless you’re a hotshot, don’t expect to get invited to the members list. With less than 500 people set on that list, there’s already a waiting list that will take over 10 years to get through.

Mickey and Minnie Hitched

Wayne Anthony Allwine was the voice actor for Mickey Mouse years ago. Interestingly, his wife was Russi Taylor who happened to voice Minnie Mouse. The two stayed happily together until 1991 when Wayne Anthony Allwine passed away.

Disney World Lost and Found

The Disney World theme park is massive and caters a very large group of people. Turns out on average, Disney World park employees recover over 6,000 phones, 4,000 digital cameras, and 18,000 lost hats yearly.

Kurt Russell

Walt Disney’s last written words were ‘Kurt Russell’. None of the family nor the actor has any idea why.