20 Easy Ways To Make Your Life Happier


We cannot stress this enough: meditation really does do the trick. Just like you can choose the foods you eat and the things that you say, you can also choose the thoughts you have and the ways that you feel. All you need to do is focus. Find a quiet place, select a relaxing position, and take some deep cleansing breaths.

Be Kind

Do you remember hearing as a kid “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?” It still applies, and it’s really worth trying. Hold the door open for someone, bring snacks to your co-workers, help a friend move. Little things add up to making you a better person.

Commune With Nature

Get outside! Unplug yourself from your phone, your television, your laptop, whatever other device you normally have attached to your person. Remove yourself from technology and breathe in some fresh air. Go for a hike or plan a trip to the beach. It is sure to relax and enchant you.

Say “Thank You”

Even if you don’t always mean it, saying “thank you” is incredibly important. Thank the nice lady who made your latte. Thank the taxi driver who picked you up from the airport. Thank your parents. Thank your boss. Thank the mailman. Just saying the words will make you and everyone around you feel so much better.