20 Rich Kids Taking Better Summer Vacations Than You

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Have you ever wondered how the obscenely wealthy spend their summer holidays? Facebook and Instagram have given us a way to take a peek into other peoples lives. Celebrities and everyday people put their pictures out there for anyone to see, and we can’t stop looking. You can use these images to plan your lifestyle accordingly, after you’ve won the lottery of course. When you combine rich kids, Instagram, and summer holidays, this is what you get.

Water Slide From A Yacht

Sometimes it’s not enough of an eye catcher to have a yacht. Just add an inflatable waterside to the side of your yacht and make sure everyone is jealous.

Casual Horse Racing

Casual horse racing is as casual as it gets. Participants walk their horses in a circle to see who can walk the fastest without actually doing anything athletic.

Line? What Line?

Why fly coach when you can fly first class? Why fly first class when you can fly in your own private jet. No more waiting in line either.

Cruising The High Seas

Throwing a yacht party is only fun if you do it on the front deck where everyone can see how much better it is to be rich.

Champagne Sparklers

Holding your sparkler is for poor people. Put your sparkler into a $500 bottle of champagne to sparkle in style.

Take A Boat Ride To Paradise

Taking the yacht out to explore the islands is a great way to relax and unwind after a hard night of spending the parents money.

Everyone Flies First Class

When you have your own private jet, even the dog gets his own first class seat. And of course, all of the dogs water is flown in from a glacial spring in Antartica.

Luxury Beach House With A View

Having a luxury beach house with a million dollar view is a requirement. Where else would you throw wild all night parties?

Yacht With A Built In Spa

All yachts should come with a Jacuzzi — because, you know… yacht’s aren’t surrounded by pristine oceans or anything. What is the point of being rich if you can’t show everyone how great it is?

Don’t Drive When You Can Fly

Time for a quick helicopter flight to the beach. How else would you get from the beach house to the beach? Surely no one expects you to walk or drive.

The Other Beach House

After all of the flying and boating it’s nice to relax in the pool. Complete with inflatable raft and supermodel. And after a full day of doing nothing, it will be time for dinner…

Casual Dinner

$5,000 dinner? No Problem. Just write it off as a “business expense” and no one will question it. No dinner is complete with out a $1200 bottle of Dom Perignon.

Lambo Monkey

Today it’s Lambo monkey. Tomorrow it will be the Ferrari monkey. What’s the point in having a Lamborghini if you can’t pair it with an exotic pet?

Casual Beach Driving

Why would you spend a day at the beach driving anything other than a $100,000 car. It’s nice having rich parents.

Where Should I Put This Boat?

I know, park my boat…in my boat. Of course this extra feature raised the price of the yacht by a few million, but it’s well worth it.

Raised On Champagne

Would you expect anything else? This is the best way to let the world know that you’ve had nothing but the best without having to earn any of it.

Don’t Be Late For Dinner

Of course I took the private jet mom…did you expect me to fly coach? By “get cooking” she means tell the chef to get cooking, of course.

Take Me Home, Jeeves

Why drive yourself when you can get a perfectly good driver to do it for you? And just to show the driver who’s in charge, make sure he has to look at your shoes frequently.

Get Some Bling

You have to keep some gold bars and $25,000 watches on hand. All rich kids keep these laying around in a junk drawer somewhere.

Diamond Hourglass

Get an hour glass that drops diamonds instead of sand. That’s how you keep time like a boss. After all, time is money.