20 Dogs Turned Into Comic Book Superheroes And Villains

Dogs are cuddly, sweet, and adorable – an altogether fun and funny animal that has earned the moniker “man’s best friend.” The superheroes of comic books and the villains they fight are modern mythology – tales that rally people together and get them to believe in ideals greater than themselves. So what happens when you combine these two great things into one? You get costumed canines that look as awesome as they do hilarious and painfully precious.


For a better tomorrow, it is love and affection and big, wet doggy kisses that makes the humans smile.


I am the scruffiest and most lovable at what I do – and what I do is shower you with big slobbery dog kisses.


Let the heavens be full of bouncing red balls to chase, but in the end as always Thanos will catch them all and stand triumphant.

Iron Man

It isn’t the armor that makes a dog adorable – it’s the cool little Chihuahua inside.