20 Deadliest Floods In World History

1999 Vargas Mudslide

Nearly 10 percent of the population, or approximately 20,000 people, of Vargas in Venezuela perished in mid-December before the turn of the new millennium. Only 1,000 bodies were recovered from the devastation, and a number of small towns were completely wiped away. Damages were in excess of $3.5 billion.

1362 St. Marcellus Flood

An event known as the Grote Mandrenke (Great Drowning of Men) was caused by a massive storm tide that hit the Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark killing at least 25,000 people. This was the second flood at St. Marcellus, as an even deadlier one occurred 143 years prior.

1974 Bangladesh Monsoon

Bangladesh currently holds the eighth biggest population in the world. Many people have to deal with constant flooding due to monsoons, but the worst on record happened in 1974 when close to 30,000 people died. More casualties occurred afterwards because of lack of food due to crop destruction and the flood waters being contaminated.

1954 Yangtze River Flood

For four months, the Yangtze River was overflowing and caused approximately 33,000 deaths in China. To get an idea of how much rain fell during the summer months, the people opened three different flood gates to help direct water to other areas. It reached 44.67 meters in Jingzhou, Hubei, a historic high at the time that has since been passed by the 1998 floods from this river.