10 Crazy Gadgets To Help You Get Healthy

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Modern advances and an obsession with having the latest technology have made gadgets big business all around the world. People regularly spend large quantities of money on devices that are aimed to make life that little bit easier. One of the most popular types of gadgets over the past few years have been those that are focused on health, helping people to lose weight and do more exercise. Many of these come in the form of wearable tech that can help track how many calories you have burned or what food you have eaten, but some are a completely bizarre.

Android Mirror

There are smart versions of all types of devices, including clothing and watches, though you might not have realized that you can also get smart mirrors. While it can’t be directly interacted with, it can be used to display relevant information, such as medication reminders and your exercise plans for the day.

Cinema Cycling

Getting fit can sometimes be a chore as it requires intensive exercise that is not only tough but also boring. To try to combat this, IMAXShift has created a range of different spinning classes that take place in specially built room that contains an IMAX screen and high-tech speakers. Various images can then be projected onto the screen to help distract people while they are cycling.

HUG Water Bottle Sensor

When doing exercise it is vitally important to stay hydrated. However, it can sometimes be difficult to know just how much water you need to take in during an activity. The HUG water bottle sensor aims to address that problem. It is essentially a band that wraps around a bottle of water to track how much you are drinking. By linking up to a smartphone app it can tell you exactly how much water you need for your body weight, age, exercise type and the temperature of the room.

Electronic Fork

Plenty of people love seasoning their food with salt as it adds plenty of flavor. However, it also isn’t particular healthy in large amounts, meaning that people often have to ration how much they use. One Japanese company though looks set to change that with an electronic fork that simulates the tongue with pulses to generate a salty taste without any of the ill effects of real salt.

Virtual Skipping Ropes

The JumpSnap is essentially a virtual skipping rope. This means that it can be used in confined spaces and is less dangerous as it has no rope that can be tripped on or catch onto objects in the surrounding area. The bars track your activity, measuring the calories burned and heart rate, and can even emit a simulated sound of ropes moving through the air.

Emotion Tracker

Staying healthy doesn’t just mean keeping in good physical shape, it also requires a person to ensure that they also check on their psychological well-being. This can be a difficult task, but the Mind Monitoring System is a device that aims to analyze your emotional state and determine whether you have any mental difficulties using the vibrations of your vocal cords and your voice. Its creators believe it will help detect and reduce stress.

G.U.M Play

G.U.M Play is the work of a Japanese company known as Sunstar that turns an ordinary toothbrush into a video game controller. Using a small Bluetooth device that fits onto the end of the toothbrush, it allows the person to play a variety of different games while they are brushing their teeth, with the hope that this will teach better technique and ensure that you keep good dental hygiene.

The Entertrainer

As its name might suggest, the entertrainer is a device that aims to combine entertainment with exercise. It does this by incentivizing its user to work hard while cycling on an exercise bike. The wireless device monitors your heart rate during the activity and will begin to turn the volume down on your television if you are not working hard enough, eventually turning off the set altogether.

Scanning Mirror

Unlike the previous mirror in this article that could only display information, the Naked Labs mirror is actually a sophisticated device that aims to help its users lose weight and keep track of their progress. It does this using special technology that allows it to scan a human body in 3D and send that data to a number of different devices, allowing you to see how your body shape has changed over time and better plan what exercise you need to do.

Smart Toilet

The Smart Toilet was created by Toto and it specializes in analyzing the urine of its users. It does this so it can keep track of risk factors, such as sugar levels, to ensure that you are eating and drinking healthily but can also even find diseases that a person might be suffering from without showing any symptoms.