20 Creepy Things Discovered Buried In Living People

The human body consists of a lot of different pieces and parts, most of which move and perform certain bodily functions so we may survive another day. However, doctors have also located other objects within the human body, and they move, too. Unfortunately, unwelcome guests can find their way inside a person while they’re still live, such as a cockroach or maggots. Not all items are living, such as plants, but they are still plenty creepy to consider. Here twenty things that have been pulled from a living human’s body.

Botfly Larvae

The feeling of having something in your eye is rather uncomfortable as it is, but most people just wipe it away and be done with it. Unfortunately for a boy in Honduras, a botfly, which is a type of parasitic insect, made its way into his eye. The botfly then laid eggs, and the larvae had to be removed surgically.

Squid Spermatophores

After eating a partially cooked squid, a 63-year-old Korean man felt something spreading throughout her mouth. Doctors found a small, white spindle-shaped bug called a spermatophores taking over the inside of her mouth.

57 Maggots

A 92-year-old woman discovered 57 maggots inside of her ear one time. Medics thought a fly crawled inside of her ear and laid eggs. The maggots were said to have been in her ear for two to three days before they were discovered.

Fly Larvae

57 maggots is pretty horrible, but one man went to the hospital complaining about a pain in his ear. Doctors discovered hundreds of fly larvae feeding on his flesh. Should they have been left alone any longer, the larvae would have burrowed into his brain, killing him.