20 Creepy Conspiracies You Never Knew About The Shining

Jack Torrance Is The Devil

The closing image of The Shining is one that has gone down in cinematic history, representing Jack Torrance’s new place with the ghosts of hotel. However, it has been suggested that the photograph is a lot more sinister than it at first seems, with viewers noticing that Jack’s position mirrors that of the Devil on Tarot cards. Primed in the center of hell, it seems that Jack has taken on the role of ruler.

The Film References The Holocaust

Numbers are of big significance throughout the film and if you pay attention, you will see patterns cropping up all over the place. The number 42 seems to be particularly prevalent in the film, leading many people to believe that it is a reference to the Holocaust, as 1942 was the year in which the “final solution” was first used. Spookier still, the Nazi eagle symbol pops up throughout the film, appearing on memorabilia and clothing.

It Retells The Labyrinth Myth

The myth of Theseus and the Minotaur is known the world over, and tells the story of how a young man must enter the deadly labyrinth of the minotaur in order to kill it. Many theorists believe that The Shining is a modern retelling of the myth, with Danny hunting the corridors of the Overlook hotel in order to thwart his mad father.

The Twin Girls Are Not Grady’s Daughters

The twins in The Shining are one of the creepiest symbols in the movie, and have taken on cult status around the world. Whilst most assume that they are the daughters of previous owner, Grady, many people believe this is just a ruse. In the film’s early stages, a member of hotel staff tells Jack that Grady’s daughters were aged eight and ten before they died and therefore, cannot be the twins we see later on.