20 Celebrity Fashion Disasters That Will Make You Say Wot!

Celebrities have access to the most expensive clothing from anywhere in the world; and when they can’t find something to suit their taste, they can have a designer create a one-of-a-kind outfit. Despite this there are times when the rich and famous simply miss the mark when it comes to fashion. Call it bad taste, zero sense of style or just a ‘bad day’, whatever the reasons may be, sometimes they just get it wrong. Here are some crazy and outrageous celebrity fashion disasters that will make you say WOT!

Elena Lenina

The Russian actress clearly wanted to be make sure that she was seen on the red carpet by any means necessary.

Justin Bieber

Bieber got a new box of crayons and decided to work some magic on his sweater.

Alan Cumming

The British actor seems quite pleased with his attire at the Tony Awards, but we’re not.

Lena Dunham

Some stars have one bad fashion moment, but Lena has had several. This is one of the most memorable.