20 Celebrities With Surprising Hidden Talents

Have you ever been watching a TV show, or reading a news article and been surprised to learn that your favorite actor or musician has been gifted with yet more talent? As if they aren’t skilled enough already, there are a whole load of celebrities out there who harbor a hidden ability or two. Whilst they spend their time in the spotlight for their main talent, in their spare time, they are perfecting their hobby and becoming masters in another world. Prepare to get seriously jealous as these guys are experts in more way than one.

Justin Bieber Is A Rubik’s Cube Whizz

Proving that he’s not all about the hair, Justin Bieber has performed his Rubik’s Cube trick on several TV shows, to the shock of audiences everywhere. Amazingly, Bieber solves the puzzle in under 2 minutes without so much as breaking into a sweat.

Harrison Ford Is A Pilot

Harrison Ford is a long time aviation nut and before his recent plane crash, could be found flying the skies of California without a care in the world. Here’s hoping he gets back behind the wings soon; Ford clearly belongs up in the air.

Forest Whitaker Is A Singer

As well as being a talented actor, Forest Whitaker is also a really great singer. Dueting with singing powerhouse Jennifer Hudson in Black Nativity, Whitaker more than proved that he is a musical force to be reckoned with.

Ke$ha Makes Craft

When she’s not touring the world and releasing killer music, singer Ke$ha can be found quietly crafting in a corner. Of course, she does it with a difference, choosing to use her fan’s teeth in order to make earrings, necklaces and clothing. Unsurprisingly, her therapy center soon announced that she could not accept human remains in the post.

Roger Ebert Wrote Soft Porn Screenplays

The late, great film critic Roger Ebert really had a way with words. When he wasn’t critiquing the latest cinematic releases, he could be found penning the screenplays to soft porn films. What better way in which to pass the time?

Pierce Brosnan Is A Fire Eater

It makes sense that an actor who once played James Bond should have a similarly tough pastime. Whilst at acting school, a young Brosnan ran into a fire eating instructor who taught him the tricks of the trade. After performing in a circus act, he was promptly picked up by an agent and became the star we all know and love.

Vin Diesel Is A Game Designer

Tough guy Vin Diesel is not just an acting action hero; he owns his own game design company and is heavily involved in the creation process. In fact, the star has been churning out games for over 10 years, proof that you simply cannot judge a book by its cover.

Kate Beckinsale Is A Literary Prodigy

As well as being talented, beautiful and coveted by all, actress Kate Beckinsale can write a word or two. Beckinsale has won the coveted WH Auden literary prize twice for her work, studied at Oxford University and mastered three languages. All this while kicking serious butt on cinema screens.

Clint Eastwood Writes Love Songs

The master of the Western might not seem like the gentlest soul out there but in his spare time, Clint Eastwood shows a much softer side to his personality. The actor has actually had a rather extensive singing career, having released a string of records during the 60’s.

Brian May Is An Astrophysicist

As well as being the genius lead guitar player of rock band Queen, Brian May has studied for a PhD in Astrophysics and secured a place on the staff at Imperial College, London. If you felt like you had achieved a lot, you might just want to reconsider things in light of this.

Christopher Walken Is A Lion Tamer

Before becoming the hugely successful actor that we know and love today, Christopher Walken started out his career as a lion tamer. During his teenage years, Walken was employed as an act in a travelling circus and whilst he has certainly moved on from them, he has still retained a certain air of mystery about him.

Susan Sarandon Is A Ping Pong Player

American actress Susan Sarandon loves playing ping pong so much, that she has launched her own brand of ping pong social clubs, SPiN. The clubs have proved to be so successful that they have expanded past their original New York home and caused something of a ping pong movement.

Heidi Klum Is A Painter

Heidi Klum is no stranger to have her picture taken, so it’s little surprise that she should choose to take the other perspective and create her own portraits. Her paintings have proved to be so popular that they are actually on sale.

Kristen Stewart Is A Juggler

Kristen Stewart showed off her juggling skills on live television and we have to giver her credit; she is actually surprisingly good. Having taught herself from scratch, it’s clear that the actress is something of a natural.

Jennifer Garner Is A Saxophone Player

Along with many other celebrities, Jennifer Garner is a secret band geek, having played the saxophone during her schooling career. Playing the saxophone since her high school days, the actress practices the instrument regularly, maintaining her talent on the sly.

Angelina Jolie Is A Knife Thrower

If she wasn’t intimidating enough to you already, Angelina Jolie can also throw a knife or two. Claiming to have collected weapons since she was a little girl, the actress is comfortable flipping butterfly knives like she’s not even thinking about it.

Bruce Willis Is A Harmonica Player

Bruce Willis is something of a blues fan and has appeared playing harmonica in many live events. Most impressively, he has played with blues master BB King, in a tribute to musician Ray Charles.

Amanda Seyfried Is A Knitter

If you’re in line for a new scarf or a new pair of gloves, Amanda Seyfried might just be your girl. The actress has admitted her love for knitting on more than one occasion and is regularly spotted sporting a pair of knitting needles.

Viggo Mortensen Is An Artist

As well as being an extremely talented actor, Viggo Mortensen is also pretty nifty with a paintbrush. Mortensen is yet another actor who is a seriously accomplished artist, producing portraits and photographs which are truly the real deal.

Steve Martin Is A Banjo Player

When he isn’t making people laugh, actor Steve Martin is also an excellent banjo player. In fact, the actor has established his own banjo and bluegrass prize, which comes with a $50,000 stamp of approval. Now that’s a skill.