20 Celebrities And Their Historical Doppelgängers

Charlie Sheen

Actor Charlie Sheen’s reputation is anything but honorable. He has had a series of marriages and legal troubles that often land him on magazine covers. His doppelgänger, however, was abolitionist John Brown who was hanged in 1859 for trying to overthrow the institution of slavery in the United States.

Vladimir Putin

The incredibly controversial Russian President, Vladimir Putin (62), probably would’t find the humor in his resemblance to the man in this old painting.

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Rose Wilder Lane, left, was a women’s rights activist and journalist. Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal (Dark Knight) must be proud to resemble such an important historical figure!

Hugh Grant

British actor Hugh Grant (Notting Hill), has the same floppy hair and puppy-dog eyes as famed Irish poet and playwright, Oscar Wilde (The Picture of Dorian Gray).