20 Bizarre And Baffling Unsolved Mysteries

The world is full of incredible stories. The mysteries that make up this list will strain your belief, and while you read about them, a voice in your head will demand explanations, but unfortunately there are no explanations. Sometimes we live in a world that makes sense, and sometimes we live in a world that is stranger than fiction. These stories renew the cliche saying “anything is possible”, so read on to discover just how bizarre our world can be.

The Dancing Plague

In July 1518, Frau Troffea started to dance fervently in Strasbourg, Alsace. Over the course of a month, around 400 people joined in, and they all danced without pausing to rest. Many of those afflicted soon died of heart attacks or strokes.

The Feet of Salish Sea

Since August 2007, detached feet have been showing up on coasts along the Salish Sea. What’s stranger is that the detached feet usually are wearing shoes. The feet found thus far belong to five men, one woman, and three others of indeterminate sex.