20 Amazing Pictures Taken By The Hubble Telescope

The Hubble Space Telescope was first launched into space in 1990 and has since continued to deliver on some truly outstanding visuals. It operates outside the distortion of the Earth’s atmosphere, allowing it to capture some stunning images without having to worry about background light. This program has resulted in some game-changing observations and discoveries, including spotting some never-before-seen Nebula’s along with trying to determine the rate at which our universe is expanding. Here is a list of 20 amazing photographs taken by the Hubble Telescope out of the hundreds being transmitted regularly over the past 26 years.

Rose-Shaped Galaxies

This image shows a pair of galaxies located next to one another and forming a clear visual of a rose. This is called ARP273 and was released to celebrate the 21st Anniversary of the Hubble mission.

Antennae Galaxy

The Hubble Telescope has already sent in two images of the Antennae Galaxy but this is supposedly be the best image so far.

Magnetic Monster

This photograph is referred to as the Magnetic Monster NGC 1275. You can clearly see the red lacy vapors surrounding the galaxy NGC 1275. These are filaments created by the magnetic field which helps maintain the structure.

Sombrero Galaxy

This galaxy has been appropriately named the Sombrero Galaxy due to the large circular form of the galactic body.