20 Hilarious Advertisement Fails You Must See

Advertisements are everywhere nowadays, on our phones, computers, billboards and television — just to name a few. Most adverts have been meticulously made to ensure they convey the correct message, appeal to their target audience, and use colors, slogans or catchy tunes to grab our attention. There are, however, plenty of advertisements which weren’t properly thought through — they may have been overlooked or completed in a rush. These advertisement failures are hilarious, so have a check through these twenty that we’ve selected, and have a laugh or two at their expense.


Advertisements on the side of vehicles is nothing new, however placing them on the side of a vehicle with a sliding door should cause the advertisers to look more closely at what they’re putting there. Case and point, this Starbucks advertisement; while it may seem fine when you’re driving around, once you open the door you company kind of… sucks?

Baby Products

While you go to the store to buy diapers or baby food, it appears as if this store knows what your baby needs most.


Just like the Starbucks advertisement, companies should really think through what they’re putting on the side of vehicles with sliding doors.

Go Ahead, Show Her

While we’re not too sure if those images of the women were purposely placed in these locations, the end result is hilarious regardless.